ICheap 11

11th International Conference on Chemical & Process Engineering

2 giugno - 5 giugno 2013 (09:00)  /  Milano, Italia

ATA Hotel Executive

Viale Don Luigi Sturzo, 45 - 20154 Milano


In all the previous events of the series the conference was named as "Italian Conference" with the aim of indicating the strategic objective of a conference locally organized although open to all the contributions independently on their geographic origins.

The use of English as official language of the conference was a decision addressed to that objective. However since the very beginning the non Italian participation was higher than the Italian one; a sort of a paradox became more and more evident along the years: an Italian Conference was in reality an International one. The move to "International" as is started two years ago, corresponds, therefore, to a real status maturated in all the previous events. It is expected, then, that the continuos participation of the past years will be maintained and enhanced also in this event.

AIDIC however continues to invite all the Italian specialists to see this event as an opportunity to exchange up-to-the minute information on industrial needs, new technology developments and research opportunities.

previous events attracted leading Industrialists and Academics from all over the world and provided a state of the art on Chemical and Process Engineering. Conference Participation both confirmed once again the International character and appeal reached by ICheaP-Series and demonstrated the need for having a permanent forum and record of International R&D activities.


Organizzatore: AIDIC, Del Rosso R.