AIDIC(Associazione Italiana di Ingegneria Chimica) ha sottoscritto l'accordo con Elsevier n. 1-2695514544 per la messa a disposizione del presente e-book, che prevede vincoli di riservatezza e limitazioni nell'accesso e nell'utilizzo. Per accedere al materiale l'Utente deve accettare espressamente le presenti condizioni di utilizzo come indicato nelle sezioni 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 3.1, 3.2 dell'accordo AIDIC Elsevier qui di seguito riportate:

1.3 Authorized Uses.

Each Authorized User may:
- access, search, browse and view the Subscribed Products;
- print, make electronic copies of and store for the exclusive use of such Authorized User individual items from the Subscribed Products;
- incorporate links to the Subscribed Products on the Subscriber's intranet and internet websites and in electronic courseacks, reserves and course management systems and instructor websites, provided that the appearance of such links and/or statements accompanying such links shall be changed as reasonably requested by Elsevier;
- provide print or electronic copies of individual items from the Subscribed Products to other Authorized Users and to third-party colleagues for their scholarly or research use; and
- access, search, browse, view, print, make electronic copies and store for the exclusive use of such Authorized User or, if the Authorized User is a librarian/information specialist, for the exclusive use of another Authorized User certain journal articles and book chapters from the SciVerseR ScienceDirectR online service that are not subscribed to as part of the Subscribed Products, with each twenty-four (24) access period for a selected article or chapter, a "Transaction" hour

The Subscriber may:
- print and deliver book chapters from the Subscribed Products to fulfill requests as part of the practice commonly known as interlibrary loan from non-commercial libraries located within the same country as the Subscriber.

1.4 Restrictions on Use of Subscribed Products.

Except as expressly stated in this Agreement or otherwise permitted in writing by Elsevier, the Subscriber and its Authorized Users may not:
- abridge, modify, translate or create any derivative work based on the Subscribed Products, except to the extent necessary to make them perceptible on a computer screen to Authorized Users;
- remove, obscure or modify in any way any copyright notices, other notices or disclaimers as they appear in the Subscribed Products;
- use any robots, spiders, crawlers or other automated downloading programs, algorithms or devices to continuously and automatically search, scrape, extract, deep link, index or disrupt the working of the Subscribed Products; or
- substantially or systematically reproduce, retain or redistribute the Subscribed Products.

Authorized Users who are independent contractors may use the Subscribed Products only for the purposes of the contracted work for the Subscriber.

1.5 Intellectual Property Ownership.

The Subscriber acknowledges that all right, title and interest in and to the Subscribed Products remain with Elsevier and its suppliers, except as expressly set forth in this Agreement, and that the unauthorized redistribution of the Subscribed Products could materially harm Elsevier and its suppliers.

3.1 Authentication.

Access to the Subscribed Products shall be authenticated by the use of Internet Protocol ("IP") address(es) indicated by the Subscriber on Schedule 2 and/or usernames and passwords and/or a delegated authentication mechanism, identified on Schedule 2, requiring at least two different credentials.

3.2 Protection from Unauthorized Access and Use.

The Subscriber shall use reasonable efforts to:
- limit access to and use of the Subscribed Products to Authorized Users and notify all Authorized Users of the usage restrictions set forth in this Agreement and that they must comply with such restrictions;
- issue any passwords or credentials used to access the Subscribed Products only to Authorized Users, not divulge any passwords or credentials to any third party, and notify all Authorized Users not to divulge any passwords or credentials to any third party; and
- promptly upon becoming aware of any unauthorized use of the Subscribed Products, inform Elsevier and take appropriate steps to end such activity and to prevent any recurrence.

In the event of any unauthorized use of the Subscribed Products, Elsevier may suspend the access and/or require that the Subscriber suspend the access from where the unauthorized use occurred upon notice to the Subscriber. The Subscriber shall not be liable for unauthorized use of the Subscribed Products by any Authorized Users provided that the unauthorized use did not result from the Subscriber's own negligence or willful misconduct and that the Subscriber did not permit such unauthorized use to continue after having actual notice thereof.